References / Suitability statements

The deadline for Suitability Statements is 6 December 2023.

Applications and Suitability Statements are released together to the courses so please make sure we get both of your Suitability Statements in good time.

How to contact your nominees

Your nominees are contacted before you submit your Application

It is your responsibility to ensure that your Suitability Statements are submitted in good time. When you enter your nominees' contact details into the application you initiate the process of emailing them to request their Suitability Statements.

If you are not ready for them to be contacted do not enter their details.

We do not wait for you to submit your Application before contacting your nominees. This is so that nominees have enough time to write their Suitability Statements. So please check that your nominees are willing to provide a Suitability Statement before you enter their contact details.

Also, your nominee cannot start their Suitability Statement until you provide their contact details, so please do so in good time.

Email addresses for your nominees

Please provide a workplace email address for both of your nominees as we cannot use personal email accounts (e.g. hotmail, gmail etc) to contact them. If you do not know your nominee's workplace email address you can indicate this in your Application. Then contact us for further details.

My nominee didn't get the email

The first email is sent to your nominee after you provide their details and click Contact My Nominees.

If your nominee does not receive the initial email you can send it again from your Suitability Statements screen using the relevant Resend button. However, your nominee's email software may treat our emails as junk or spam, so please ask your nominee to first check their Junk/Spam folder.

If the nominee still cannot find the email (and they have checked Junk/Spam, Deleted and Quarantine) please contact us, and give the nominees email address.

Accessing previous Suitability Statements

Submitted a Suitability Statement last year?

If your nominee submitted a Suitability Statement for you last year, as long as you provide the same contact details for them, they will have a button to Copy their answers over to this year.

Older Suitability Statements?

If your nominee provided a Suitability Statement more than a year ago they can still access this at our previous website.

They can login at the address below. Depending on when you applied they may need to use the Archive section to access older Suitability Statements:

How your nominees use our website

Suitability Statements are completed on our website. The email requesting the Suitability Statement includes a link which gives your nominee access to our website.

If your nominee is, for whatever reason, unable to use our website please ask them to contact us about providing the Suitability Statement.

Editing the Suitability Statement

Your nominees can save their answers and then return to the Suitability Statement to edit it further when convenient, in the same way that you can save and then edit sections of your Application.

Your nominees must answer all the questions in a Suitability Statement before they can submit it, though most questions have a "not applicable" or similar option. If any questions have not been answered and the nominee tries to submit the Suitability Statement, a message will appear on screen to let them know what is missing.

Once a Suitability Statement has been submitted it cannot be edited.

Getting a fully completed Suitability Statement

We encourage all nominees to complete the Suitability Statement on our website but if, for example, an organisation has a policy to only provide their own standard document we will accept this if it is provided by the person/organisation you have nominated.

However, please bear in mind that if a nominee can only provide a standard document which does not address the questions in the Suitability Statement, or they cannot answer several of the questions asked in the Suitability Statement, this could affect your Application.

Some course centres have specific requirements for the format of Suitability Statements and who can provide them.

Last updated:

14th September 2023