References / Suitability statements

How you can check

You can see the status of your Suitability Statements on the first screen of your Application.

When your nominee submits their Suitability Statement we will email them to confirm we have received it. Their email software may treat our emails as junk or spam.

Once we have received both of your Suitability Statements, and your Application is complete and paid in full, we will release them all together to the courses as soon as practical.

Late or missing Suitability Statements

It is your responsibility to ensure that your Suitability Statements are submitted in good time.

If there is a particular problem, e.g. one of your nominees is ill, please let us know.

Final deadline

We will release the final batches of applications to courses on 31 January 2024. These batches will include all applications that do not have both Suitability Statements.

If we receive a missing Suitability Statement after your Application has been released we will make it available to the courses but we cannot guarantee that it will be considered with your Application.

We cannot accept responsibility for the late submission or non-submission of Suitability Statements.

Last updated:

5th September 2023