Applicants with Disabilities

All courses welcome applications from people with disabilities.

If you are invited for a short-listing test or an interview we suggest contacting the relevant course centre staff team or the relevant University Disability Service to discuss any support needs you may have, so that adjustments can be made in good time.

Support using our website

If you have any issues using our website please contact us to discuss how you can make an application e.g. for our support in using the website, for an application in another format, etc.

Disability Confident scheme

What is it?

The Disability Confident scheme (previously known as "two ticks" or "double-tick") is a voluntary scheme that organisations can choose to sign up to. It aims to help organisations make the most of the talents disabled people have to offer.

Who does it cover?

If you have a disability as defined by the Equality Act and you want to be considered under the scheme please indicate this in the Basics section of your application.

Please note that not all Course Centres are involved in the scheme so this will only take effect if the courses you have applied to are participating.

Do I need to give details of my disability?

It is not a requirement for you to give details of your disability. It is your decision whether or not to disclose a disability at any stage in the application process.

If you wish to give further details about your disability you can do this in the Personal Statements section of your application, in the final question about other factors that are relevant to your application.

What about the equal opportunities page of my application?

Any information you provide about a disability in the equal opportunities section of your application may not be available to the course centres, depending on the consent you have given and on how each course centre uses (or does not use) the data in their selection process.

Therefore, if you wish to be considered under the Disability Confident scheme please indicate this in the Basics section of your application (as described above).

Disability related links

Last updated:

5th September 2023