References / Suitability statements

The deadline for Suitability Statements is 6 December 2023.

Please allow yourself and your nominees plenty of time to get them organised.

Types of Suitability Statements

You need two Suitability Statements:

  • one academic and
  • one relevant experience

You need to nominate one person to write your Academic Suitability Statement and a different person to write your Experience Suitability Statement. Each suitability statement can only be provided by one person.

The Suitability Statements are submitted through our website and made available to the courses you are applying to. Some course centres have specific requirements for the format of Suitability Statements and who can provide them.

Guidance for Suitability Statements

We suggest that you send your nominees a copy of our Factsheet for Suitability Statements, which gives further information for anyone who may be less familiar with the process:

References required when a place is offered

When a place is offered, Course Centres may check the applicant's employment and training history and gaps in employment may be investigated.

This may involve collecting references from current and previous employers in addition to the Suitability Statements already provided.  This may be used e.g. to verify dates of employment, to request information on any disciplinary actions or safeguarding issues, etc.

Last updated:

5th September 2023