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It's too late to apply

Applications closed on 22 November

But you can see what's usually involved and start preparing if you wish.

Some details may change for the next application cycle. We will update our website in September.

When is the deadline?

Applications close at 1.00pm (UK time) on 22 November 2023. Please do not wait until the deadline.

We do not accept late applications, e.g. if you attempt to submit at the last moment and fail due to computer problems your Application will not be accepted.

We send reminder emails in October/November about the closing date. Your email software may treat our emails as junk or spam, so please check your Junk/Spam folder regularly.

Check your Application before submitting!

We recommend you check your Application before submitting it.

Once you have submitted your Application you cannot update it and you cannot change your course choices. The only exceptions are you can change your contact details and you can still add documents.

You can use Download Application for a pdf file to proof-read, from either the Overview page or the Review Your Application page. The Application pdf also allows you to see your documents the way the Course Centres will see them.

On the Review Your Application page you can also review your answers onscreen, section by section.

How do I submit my Application?

Please make sure your application is complete before submitting it.
Check the ticks in the menu and complete any un-ticked sections.
Use Save as Complete in the relevant page to get any missing ticks.


When you are ready to submit, go to the Review Your Application page.

This is at the end of the menu, or clicking Submit Application on the Overview page will take you to the Review page.

The following three questions and a Submit button are in the middle of the page:

  • consent, or not, for your data to be used for research/audit by third parties
  • declaration about the honesty of your Application
  • confirmation of  responsible use of this website

Please answer all 3 questions then click the Submit button.

What happens after I click submit?

You will be taken to a Checkout page for payment of the Processing Fee. We need to charge this because we cover all our costs through the fees we charge to applicants and to course centres.

We will also email you to confirm that your Application has been submitted. Your email software may treat our emails as junk or spam, so please check your Junk/Spam folder regularly.

When you next go to the Overview screen you will see Application Submitted, with your course centres listed.

We wish you the best of luck with your Application!


By accepting your Application we are not confirming your eligibility for entry to courses. The Clearing House can accept no responsibility for errors in the handling of applications howsoever caused.

Last updated:

7th December 2023