How to provide documents

The Documents screen in your Application shows you which documents you need to provide. This is based on what you've entered in the Basics pages and the Course Centres page so please do these first. 

You can add your documents as pdf or jpg files.

Flexible document options

Check what your courses need

  • Course Centres provide information for applicants about the documents they need: please see the Courses section for details
  • Applicants have the option to upload additional documents as required by the Course Centres they have chosen
  • Clearing House staff check the GBC document that applicants provide, as this is required by all Course Centres

Check how your documents look

See your document the way the Course Centres will see it, by  downloading your Application pdf from the Overview or Review screen. 

Please provide good quality copies to make it easier for Course Centres to assess your Application. Things to avoid are:

  • Photos taken in poor light or at odd angles
  • Screenshots of e.g. emails with extremely small or extremely large text
  • If part of your document is blacked out try putting the file through Print to PDF and uploading the new version

What if I don't have a document yet?

Please allow yourself plenty of time to organise your documents.

You must submit your Application by 1.00pm UK time on 22 November 2023.

If you will have a required document by early October we suggest you wait and submit your Application before the closing date with the document attached.

If you will get the document in December or January:

  • For the Documents for All Course Centres section tick “Provide later” and email a good quality copy to us as soon as you have it. Please see the Contact Us page for our email address.
  • For the Documents for Specific Course Centres section you can upload the document to this section after you submit your Application. Please do not email it to us as we cannot upload it for you.

We recommend providing documents as soon as possible to ensure Course Centres have them in place for their selection process.

All applications are released to the Course Centres by the end of January.

If you will not get the document until February or later you should consider whether to apply this year or not. Documents received after the last applications have been released at the end of January are unlikely to be available to the Course Centres for their short-listing process.

Last updated:

5th September 2023