Coventry and Warwick

Coventry University and University of Warwick
Independent School of Health, Coventry University (Years 1 & 2)
Department of Psychology, University of Warwick (Year 3)

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Course length:

3 years (full-time)


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Administration email:

[email protected]

Selection procedure

Initial screening of the application forms is undertaken by the clinical psychology team, in collaboration with local clinicians. Each selector independently grades the candidate's application on the basis of an understanding of the clinical psychologist's role, academic ability, previous and current clinical experiences, personal suitability and values, research ability and references. Gradings are collated and discussed at a short-listing meeting. In 2023 sixty applicants were selected to interview for 25 places. Due to the volume of applications, it is not possible to send individual feedback to those applicants who are not invited for interview, and further discussion of this is not available.

All short-listed candidates are generally seen for a day-long face to face assessment on or near Coventry University campus. This includes a group discussion, a written exercise, clinical and personal suitability interview, and an academic interview/exercise. The course team meet and interview candidates along with local clinicians and service users and carers. Candidates have an opportunity to have informal discussions with current trainees during the day and join a trainee led reflective group at the end of the interviews. We welcome feedback from candidates about the selection process*.
The selection panel will make a final decision about whether to offer a candidate a place on the programme. The Chair of the selection panel has the ultimate responsibility for the final selection decision. Once a final decision is reached, the successful candidates will be informed as soon as possible.

All offers of a place will be conditional upon satisfactory  checks via the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and Occupational Health screening. Coventry University has an established mechanism for DBS checks and proof of qualifications. All unsuccessful interviewees are given the opportunity to receive email feedback about their interview performance.  Occasionally, if for example health issues arise prior to the start of training, it may be possible for a place to be deferred for 12 months.

*All applicants must demonstrate, at the time of selection that they are eligible to work in the UK for the full duration of the training course.

Equal opportunities

Every effort will be made in all stages of the recruitment process to ensure that the policies and procedures operate the fairest equal opportunities in accordance with university equal opportunities guidelines. 

Contextual admissions

Our programme takes relevant contextual information into account when short-listing applications for interview.

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15th August 2023