Coventry and Warwick

Coventry University and University of Warwick
Independent School of Health, Coventry University (Years 1 & 2)
Department of Psychology, University of Warwick (Year 3)

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Course length:

3 years (full-time)


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[email protected]

Training with us

The course has been developed between Coventry University, the University of Warwick and NHS providers and was established in 1998. It has a long history of training effective clinical psychology practitioners who have become highly valued and respected members of the health and social care workforce.

The course is situated within the Independent School of Health at Coventry University and also embedded within the Department of Psychology (Faculty of Science) at the University of Warwick. This context provides a unique academic and practical environment for training clinical psychologists to work in the NHS and trainees additionally benefit from having access to the combined facilities of two universities (e.g. libraries, counselling services) for the duration of the course.

Personal Support

In keeping with the collaborative course ethos, trainees are encouraged to seek support from course staff, peers and supervisors. There is "buddy system" of trainee peer support and trainees can also access one of a number of clinicians who act as personal tutors. Both universities have student support and counselling/wellbeing services, which provide a confidential service.

Other Content

Pathfinder- West Midlands Mentoring Scheme for Aspiring Clinical Psychologists from Ethnic Minority Groups
It is recognised that certain ethnic minority groups are underrepresented within the profession of Clinical Psychology at a national level. To help bridge this gap and support the Clinical Psychology profession in becoming more demographically representative of the UK population, the West Midlands Doctoral Programmes are working in partnership with Higher Education England to offer the Pathfinder- West Midlands Mentoring Scheme. The Pathfinder- West Midlands Mentoring Scheme aims to support aspiring Clinical Psychologists from ethnic minority groups at various stages of their career journey, by identifying and working towards achieving meaningful and relevant career goals up to undertaking further professional training. 
The Coventry and Warwickshire Programme is pleased to welcome applications from candidates who identify as belonging to an ethnic minority group and would like to access mentoring support throughout the stages of application, including:

  • unsuccessful application following initial screening
  • invite to test centre (if applicable)
  • invite to interview 
  • offer of place
  • preparation for beginning training

Successful Pathfinder- West Midlands applicants will be paired with trained mentors who are familiar with the West Midlands Doctoral Programmes and/or have some experiences of working clinically within the West Midlands.
Further information, including how to apply to the scheme can be found here.


Last updated:

15th August 2023