Other things to consider

Checks required when a place is offered

Trainees must pass appropriate checks before they can start a course. These checks are usually made by the course centre or the relevant NHS organisation.

Criminal records

Criminal record checks are usually made through the Disclosure & Barring Service (for England and Wales) or Disclosure Scotland. The checks will disclose information such as: criminal convictions, cautions and other such offences, other relevant information held on police databases etc.

  • Please see the Courses section for any further details provided by individual course centres about criminal record checks

Health assessments

The purpose of the health assessment is to check whether trainees have a health condition or disability that may require adjustments in the workplace to enable them to undertake training, or that may require restrictions to their role. The health assessment may include a health declaration (completed by the trainee) and, where appropriate, an assessment by an occupational health practitioner or other suitably trained professional.

  • Please see the Courses section for any further details provided by individual course centres about health assessments

Other checks

Course centres may require other checks to be completed before training can start, such as:

  • Trainees may need to provide evidence of their identity or status by, for example, providing their passport, photocard driving licence etc.
  • Trainees may need to verify their qualifications by, for example, providing original certificates and other relevant documents.
  • The trainee's employment and training history may be checked and gaps in employment may be investigated. This may involve collecting additional references from current and previous employers e.g. to verify dates of employment, to request information on any disciplinary actions or safeguarding issues, etc.

These are given as examples and the actual checks required will be determined by the course centre and/or relevant NHS organisation.

Last updated:

5th September 2023