Applied before?

Accessing your previous documents

If you submitted an Application last year please Login with the same email address and password as last time. This allows you to copy documents from last year into your new Application.

If you applied more than a year ago you can still access your older application at our previous website to download the documents.

Please login at the address below. Depending on when you applied you may need to use the Archive section to access your older applications:


What documents do I need to provide?

Each course centre has specified the documents they need. Once you have chosen your Course Centres, their requirements are listed on the Documents page of your application.

Please carefully consider the list, and upload the items that are requested for your application by the Course Centres you have chosen.

A document requested "if completed" does not mean that completing the relevant qualification is a requirement for everyone: it only means that if you have already completed that qualification you need to provide a document for it.

It is your responsibility to:

  • provide the appropriate documents
  • upload them in the appropriate section
  • label them appropriately e.g. Document Type
  • make sure they are readable (see Check How Your Documents Look below)

The Clearing House do not check these documents as the requirements vary from person to person.

If you change your Course Centres you will need to check the Documents page of your application again.

Check how your documents look

See your document the way the Course Centres will see it, by downloading your Application pdf from the Overview or Review screen.

Please provide good quality copies of documents to make it easier for Course Centres to assess your application. Things to avoid are:

  • Photos taken in poor light or at odd angles
  • Screenshots of e.g. emails with extremely small or extremely large text
  • If part of your document is blacked out try putting the file through Print to PDF and uploading the new version

What is an academic transcript?

Some course centres ask for an academic transcript for your university qualifications.

UK Universities use different terms for this document. Some call it a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR); some call it a Diploma Supplement; and some call it a Transcript.

All academic transcripts should include the following:

  • A list of the modules you took and the marks you got
  • Confirmation that you completed the qualification, with an overall result e.g. 2:1, pass with merit etc
  • The qualification title e.g. BSc in Psychology with Sociology
  • Information to identify who took the course e.g. your name, date of birth etc
  • Information to identify the university where you studied e.g. University name and logo, authorising stamp and signature etc

The transcript should:

  • be issued to you by a member of staff at your university (in other words it should not be a printout you create yourself from your student account)
  • cover all the years of your course
  • be the final document issued after all your results have been verified (not an interim document issued part-way through your study, unless the course centres you are apply to specifically request this)

If your university cannot provide you with a transcript you will need a letter from them confirming this. If possible, this letter should come from the Central Student Records Department of your university. We suggest that you contact your university as soon as possible to give them time to check their records.

Documents in other languages

You may need to provide a document in a language other than English e.g. a certificate or an academic transcript for an international qualification.

Please provide a copy of the document in the original language and an official translation of that document into English.

What if I don't have a document yet?

You must submit your application by 1.00pm UK time on 22 November 2023.

If there are any Documents for Specific Course Centres missing you can still upload these after you have submitted your application and, if necessary, after it has been released to the course centres.

Please do not email Documents for Specific Course Centres to us as we cannot upload them for you.

We recommend providing documents as soon as possible to ensure course centres have them in place for their selection process.

All applications are released to the course centres by the end of January.

Last updated:

5th September 2023