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The Course is part of the Oxford Centre for Psychological Health, which also includes and integrates the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre (OCTC) and the Oxford Health Specialist Psychological Intervention Clinic (OHSPIC).

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3 years (full-time)


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[email protected]
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Training with us


All trainees are allocated a course tutor who is responsible for facilitating and supporting the development of clinical, academic, research and professional competencies across the three years of training. They are also the first point of contact for all personal and professional issues, including leave requests, and are the trainee’s line manager.

Trainees complete a Training Needs and Aspirations Assessment (TNAA) where they rate their competence and experience prior to starting training. This is reviewed and revised as experience and competence develops as part of the annual appraisal process and informs placement allocations.

Personal and professional development is also facilitated through supporting reflective practice in a variety of ways, including opportunities for trainees to participate in a mindfulness meditation class. Additional support includes a "Buddy" system where each new trainee is offered support from a trainee in the year above. There is a Personal Tutor system where trainees are allocated a Personal Tutor/Mentor from a list of local clinical psychologists, for confidential mentoring and support. Further personal support options are available as appropriate.

Trainees attend annual Course events and provide representatives to attend key Course committee meetings, including co-chairing the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC). These provide opportunities for professional development and ensure good two-way communication between staff and trainees in all year groups, and also ensure that trainees have the opportunity to influence decisions regarding the Course.

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24th August 2023