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3 years (full-time), or 4 years and 4 months (part-time, 0.7 FTE)


You can email any enquiries after checking all 6 pages below and our website (link above) which together cover most FAQs

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[email protected]
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Entry requirements

We only have one programme entry requirement: eligibility for Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) with the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Candidates must, at the time of application, be eligible for GBC with the BPS. Only those candidates who are eligible for GBC will be considered. Individuals cannot apply while studying a programme that they are relying on to confer GBC unless they will be able to evidence of having successfully completed and graduated from that programme before the end of January in the year of intended entry. Provisional results are not equivalent to completion and graduation. You do not need to be a member of the BPS to apply or train with us.

Please note that we have funding, residency, and language requirements which you must meet to be considered. Please refer to this page to confirm your eligibility before applying.

Our approach to academic and clinical experience requirements

In line with our commitment to equality and inclusivity, the programme does not have any requirement for applicant's degree classification or prior work experience.

We believe that the competencies which are required by a trainee clinical psychologist can be developed and evidenced in a wide range of contexts outside of clinical scenarios. We value the breadth of experience that people from different contexts and backgrounds bring to our programme and the profession.

References / Suitability Statements

Please note that the programme do NOT use the references which are provided to the clearing house for our selection process. The employing trust will require confirmation of employment history in the event of an offer being made but at no time are opinion references used by the Lancaster programme.

Documents required

A document confirming your GBC status must be provided

Advice for your application

At Lancaster we strive to encourage a broad range of applications from people with different backgrounds, experiences, and paths to choosing this career. However, the programme continues to maintain extremely high requirements for trainee behaviour and performance.

Applicants should be aware that expectations before and throughout training are those of any other employee within the NHS. We assess the professional behaviour and suitability of applicants throughout all our contact with them. Trainees on the programme are NHS employees who are being paid to train. As such we require high levels of professional conduct to be maintained throughout the application process, when attending training at the university or elsewhere, on placement, during study time, and within their communities and other contexts as appropriate.

It is vital that applicants to Lancaster take the time to read over the information for applicants on our website – it is likely to answer any questions you have about the process and will support you in maximising your chances of obtaining a place on the programme.

International applicants

We do not accept international applicants. Please note that we have funding, residency, and language requirements which all applicants must meet to be considered. Please refer to this page to confirm your eligibility before applying.

Last updated:

16th August 2023