Processing fee

Apply early and save £10.00!

  • If you submit your Application and pay by 25 October 2023 the fee is £30.00.
  • If you submit your Application between 26 October and the deadline on 22 November the fee is £40.00.

The amount is not affected by how many courses you apply to, e.g. it is the same if you apply to one or if you apply to four.

All applications must be submitted by 1.00pm on 22 November 2023.

How to pay

All payments are processed on our behalf by PayPal.

You can pay by credit or debit card, or pay from your PayPal account if you have one.

After you submit your Application you are directed to a Checkout page where you can choose how and when to pay.

If you choose to Pay Later, you can return to the Checkout page from the Overview page, when you're ready to pay.

When to pay

To get the £10.00 discount you need to submit your Application and pay a single payment of £30.00 by 25 October 2023.

If you choose to pay the full £40.00 fee you can do this in 3 different ways:

  1. Pay the full £40.00 when you submit your Application
  2. Pay the full £40.00 on or before 1 December 2023
  3. Pay in 2 instalments of £20.00 each
    The first instalment is due by 1 December 2023
    The second instalment is due by 3 January 2024

We can only release your Application to the course centres once you have paid the total amount. It is normal for applications to be released to course centres during January.

If you have any difficulties in making a payment please get in touch with us to discuss it.

Have we got your payment?

When you make a payment we will email you to confirm. Your email software may treat our emails as junk or spam, so if you do not receive the confirmation email please check your Junk/Spam folder.

Your payment will usually be matched automatically with your Application within 24 hours.

If you have made payment but this isn't showing on your Application 24 hours later, please let us know and forward the email we sent you confirming payment.

Please note that all fees are non-refundable and that the Clearing House is not responsible for the processing of payments.

Last updated:

5th September 2023