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If you have any issues using our website, e.g. in relation to a disability, please contact us to discuss how you can make an application e.g. for our support in using the website, for an application in another format etc.

It's too late to apply

Applications closed on 22 November

But you can see what's usually involved and start preparing if you wish.

Some details may change for the next application cycle. We will update our website in September.

Sign up if you're applying for the first time

If you're applying for the first time, you need to set up an account using the Sign Up link on the Login page.

We recommend using a personal email to sign up rather than something that is e.g. work-based, so you can still access your account if you change jobs.

We will send you an email with a link to verify your account. Your email software may treat our emails as junk or spam, so if you do not receive it please check your Junk/Spam folder.

Whilst you are welcome to sign up using a phone or tablet, the application is both thorough and lengthy, so we recommend completing it on a desktop or laptop.

Login if you've applied before

If you started or submitted an Application last year please Login with the same email address and password as last time. This gives you access to your previous application, and also gives the people you nominate access to any previous Suitability Statements they provided for you.

If you've forgotten your password please use the link on the Login screen to get an email to re-set it. Your email software may treat our emails as junk or spam, so if you do not receive the email please check your Junk/Spam folder.

If you submitted an Application last year, when you start a new Application this year you will be able to Copy information from your previous Application into most screens.

Applied more than a year ago?

Accessing older applications

If you applied more than a year ago you can still access your older application at our previous website should you need to, e.g. you may find it useful to download documents you have used before.

Please login at the address below. Depending on when you applied you may need to use the Archive section to access your older applications:

If appropriate, your nominees can also access any Suitability Statements they provided for you more than a year ago, by logging into our previous website

Keeping track of your work on your Application

Please Save your answers on each page of your Application, using the Save Draft and Save as Complete options.

Save Draft

Save Draft allows you to save answers without completing all the mandatory questions, if this is helpful for you.

For the long text questions with character limits, if you use Save Draft you can exceed the character limit to make it easier to draft and edit your answers on the page.

You can also, if you wish, use Save Draft to keep track of which pages you still want to work on as they will not be marked as complete.

Save as Complete

Save as Complete checks that you have completed the mandatory questions in that page. It will give that page a tick in the menu to indicate it is complete.

You can continue to edit your answers in pages with ticks until you submit your Application, but you will need to provide answers for all mandatory questions.

Once you use Save as Complete you will no longer be able to exceed the character limit on long text questions.

When you are ready, you must use Save as Complete on each page before you can submit your Application.

Sample blank forms - for information only

You can, if you wish, check what questions are asked before deciding whether to sign up.

The sample forms provided below are for information only: they cannot be used to apply.





Last updated:

22nd November 2023