Processing fee

The Clearing House needs to charge a processing fee because we cover all our costs through the fees we charge to applicants and to course centres.

Our Board of Management have spent considerable time in the last few years discussing the rates of our fees. We have agreed to maintain our fees at the same rate from 2022 to 2023. We are aware that any consideration of the fees charged to applicants is sensitive given both the important context of widening and increasing access to the profession of clinical psychology, and the current cost of living crisis.

The Clearing House is a charitable institution which continues to face significant financial challenges and the Board of Management has a responsibility to secure the viability of the institution for the future. The rate of fees Course Centres pay to the Clearing House are also unchanged from 2022 to 2023.

We as a Board are committed to keeping the costs to all parties as low as possible. We will continue to review the fees each year to ensure that these are kept as low as we can maintain them, whilst ensuring the viability of the charity. And we also need to ensure we can take new work forward e.g. the launch of our new website last year, and its continuing development to benefit everyone who uses the Clearing House service.

If you have any difficulties in making a payment please get in touch with us to discuss it.

Last updated:

5th September 2023