Other things to consider

All the courses involve working with children and vulnerable adults. Safeguarding is therefore taken very seriously and the highest standards of behaviour are expected from clinical psychology trainees.

Fitness to practise

Fitness to practise is a requirement of all professions registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC).

During training, monitoring of fitness to practise is the responsibility of course centres.

During the selection process

Concerns about fitness to practise could also be raised during the selection process, including the manner and tone of written and verbal communications with the course centre at any stage of the selection process, as well as behaviour both during and between interviews for those candidates called for interview.

During selection course centres may take note of issues that could significantly impair trainees' capacity to practise in an open and reflective manner, e.g. whether an individual is open to feedback about any relevant concerns, shows appropriate self-awareness in relation to difficulties that impact on their capacity to work, and is willing to work collaboratively with relevant staff to address (and hopefully to overcome) any issues.

Last updated:

5th September 2023