After you apply

Short-listing tests

Some course centres use computerised or written tests as part of their short-listing process. These are sometimes referred to as screening tests. The tests we are aware of are:

Short-listing results

The courses will let you know whether you have been short-listed or not for NHS places by 15 March 2024 (the same date applies both to courses that use tests and those that do not). They may do this by email, by phone or by post. Your email software may treat emails from the courses as junk or spam, so please check your Junk Email folder and/or Spam Email folder regularly. Also please give your full postal address on your Application.

You will also be able to see whether you have been short-listed or not when you login. This information is only made available after we have checked it with that course, so you should normally hear from them before your Application is updated. It will change from "Application released to course centres" to one of the following:

  • Invited to Interview (see Next Page for more information)
  • Reserve for Interview (see Next Page for more information)
  • Unsuccessful at Short-list

The Clearing House does not make decisions about who is invited to interview: this is done by the courses:

  • please see the Courses section for further details about the selection procedure and feedback policy of individual courses.

Last updated:

23rd October 2023